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Published: 09th January 2009
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Are you bored of your old juicer mixer grinder and are looking for some detailed, high quality assistance in terms of all the nitty gritties of cooking? Enter Kenstar Food Processor - a complete solution provider for all your pre cooking preparations in the kitchen.

Kenstar is a widely trusted name in home and kitchen appliances and provides a whole range of high quality products, the Kenstar food processor being the handiest of them all.

Time Saver

If you spend half your cooking time in just the preparation of the meal like chopping, grinding, mincing etc, then this kitchen genie is for you. Not only does it take away all the pre cooking hassles from you it also reduces the total time spent in kitchen quite considerably.

The Kenstar Food Processor does almost everything in a whiz on which normally you would spend a lot of time and energy. Amazingly, it has attachments for performing not just the basic tasks like mixing and grinding but also for extras like chopping, shredding and even kneading dough for you!

Star Attractions

The versatile Kenstar food processor comes with no less than thirteen functions that take care of your each and every meal preparing requirement. However, here is a quick check on some of the interesting features that will tempt even the laziest of chefs to put their kitchen cap on!

The Food Processor form Kenstar provides you with two kinds of slicers, one for slicing your salad vegetables perfectly and the other for making tempting banana or potato wafers all at the ease of home. There is also a small chutney maker which grinds small quantities of not just chutneys but almost anything that might catch your fancy. Is your husband fond of coconut chutney but not very fond of taking the pains to shell it? No problem, Kenstar food processor provides you with a coconut scraper for not just making chutneys, but also for providing the perfectly scraped ingredient for all your coconut recipes.

Some other things you will love about this wonder machine are a finger chips slicer for your children's spontaneous party, a whippier, for whipping breakfast eggs and milkshakes with ease and even a Kneader- for kneading the perfect dough for perfect chapattis or breads!

The Comforts you are used to.

If you are already imagining yourself making merry on the joys provided by this delightful help, hold on, there is more to come. The Kenstar food processor, apart from providing the exceptional assistance in the kitchen work also helps you with the regular tasks like grinding (through a wet/dry grinder), blending, grating and even chopping your vegetables perfectly.

It comes with a number of enhancements for all these tasks which are very easy to attach and operate. There are also two kinds of juicers - citrus and centrifugal to make juices of any kind of fruit.

Technological Wonder

With so many features at your assistance, you would only be glad to know that even when it comes to technology Kenstar has ensured that their Food Processor is loaded with the best. It has a Hi-Tech gearing system that gives different processing speeds.

The blades are balanced in such a way that they not only give a better performance but also create much less noise. There is even a Micro switch safety mechanism that ensures complete safety for you and for the motor, a Smart Sensor detects over loading and prevents it from any damage.

If all that is music to your ears then go get your Kenstar magic device now!

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